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RRT Global

Digital models of industrial facilities

The creation of a cross-functional mathematical model within the framework of pre-project research or optimization of existing production facilities is a prerequisite for the organization of effective work of a progressive and competitive enterprise.

Deep mathematical modeling makes it possible to analyze the efficiency of production operations and develop a set of optimization solutions. “RRT Digital” has extensive experience in creating digital and kinetic models of both large-capacity facilities and pilot plants. “RRT Digital” specialists have performed a number of calculations of the main technological processes in the field of petrochemistry and oil and gas processing:

  • Isomerisation;
  • Hydrotreating;
  • Reforming;
  • Alkylation;
  • Pyrolysis;
  • Extractive rectification;
  • Hydrocracking;
  • Selective hydrogenation, other processes.

The integral condition of our work is a complex approach in comparison of internal and external relations between all elements, the developed model, possibility of research and verification in the conditions of pilot tests, and also system study of all production questions. Our specialists have in their arsenal reliable data in the field of thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, mass and heat exchange, as well as in-depth knowledge of oil refining and petrochemistry.

The area of modeling tasks includes analysis of the hardware design of the technological scheme, formalization of data on the process and the formation of patterns of functioning of the calculation system, the calculation of the output of products, consumption of raw materials and energy resources as individual technological units, and the complex as a whole.

Output data of the mathematical model allow the customer to obtain reliable data on the production process and determine the feasibility of certain technological activities, significantly reducing the risks of deviations from the criteria of quantity and quality of the target products. Our specialists create models that can be used at all levels of decision-making – strategy, tactics and operational planning.

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