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RRT Global

Independent catalyst testing

The unique R&D center created by RRT allows conducting research on a variety of processes on a laboratory and pilot scale.

On the territory of the center pilot plants are built, prepared and put into operation. The structural units of the division include units for production and testing of catalysts, which allow to produce both laboratory and industrial batches.

Due to the proper level of automation and means of analysis of mass and volumetric compositions of the analyzed products, we are able to promptly perform analyses of the obtained compositions, simulate chemical processes and make adjustments to the operating mode of the plants to obtain the best results.

The R&D center’s working team has extensive experience in launching, maintaining and piloting isomerization, reforming, distillation and extraction plants, which allows us to prepare the plants for operation from scratch in a short time.

Special attention is paid to the safety of the research and occupational safety of the personnel. RRT has a wide range of internal protocols ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation of the unit when working with substances of high fire and explosion hazard classes.

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