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RRT Global

Pilot and laboratory test units

RRT develops and supplies specific units for processes studying

Our specialists have a great expertise in units design, assembling, start-up and operation. We apply this knowledge and practices when constructing specific lab, pilot, semi- and commercial plants for our Customers.

Units are designed to meet all the Customer’s needs, according to the requirements of applicable standards with highest treatment of safety measures.

In result the Customer can focus on the research purposes, not spreading to third things.

Our approach includes the following key aspects:

  • process simulation based on available data and theoretical knowledge
  • CFD simulations to assess the optimal hydrodynamic regime
  • complex geometries of main internal parts, including 3D printed structures
  • short term and turn-key approach

Design characteristics of supplied units (lab to semi-commercial scale) comprise:

  • 200 bar – design pressure
  • 600 °C – design temperature
  • 60 l/h – capacity
  • 32 l – reactor volume

If you have a request for unit supply, please contact our team.

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