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RRT Global
26 April 2020

A Patent granted for RRT’s process

25 March 2020 Decision on granting a patent to RRT Ltd. for a method of aromatic hydrocardbons alkylation by olefins and catalytic distillation system for its implementation
A Patent granted for RRT’s process

Our team has developed an effective method of Cumene production by alkylation of Benzene by Propylene in the combined process with side products amount decrease

The effect is achieved because of the usage of a specific construction of a combined apparatus, in particular, a reaction zone, which favors the main reaction and minimizes side reactions. In a number of implementations the apparatus comprises DWC in order to achieve higher purity of product in the same or even smaller construction.

Specialists of RRT have successfully carried out the lab scale tests according to the unique principle.

Further steps on process development include:

  • development of a unique catalyst recipe
  • pilot scale testing
  • long term testing
  • transferring to international patenting under PCT system

The Russian Patent is available via the link.

In order to get more information on the process please reach our team.

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